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Carmina is a journalist, documentary writer and journalist. It is born in the Mediterranean and grows between the city, the Pyrenean mountain and the sensitivity that is given to it by the constant travel of its family. From a very young age, he comes close to the world by observing how the territories and their landscapes mark the idiosyncrasies of those who live there.


A graduate of Audiovisual Communication and a magister in Travel Journalism, she works in film productions coordinating street castings on the ground. In 2013, he moved to Argentina, being a travel writer for different media and covering the language of Latin American televisions by the United States. During his sixth year in the country he settled in the Quebrada of Humahuaca, in the province that he delimited with Chile and Bolivia, to document the indigenous Kola communities. He currently dumps this research into a book and a documentary. He also continues to collaborate with the magazine Viajes National Geographic and writes life memoirs on commission.


Recent reports:


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Recent reports:


Joana Sard. has been formed in illustration at Francesca Bonnemaison’S School (Barcelona), Corporal Integrative Therapy (TCI) at Gestalt’s School (Barcelona) and in Astrology.


“Drawing and painting has always been part of my life. Plastic and scenic art are two great pillars of my life to understand me, to understand the world and to the need to express myself. For me, artistic expression goes through many branches and each feeds what is needed at the time to be expressed. Painting, drawing, movement, dancing, writing, are those that for now help me live in harmony. I’m currently researching more from improvisational painting, introducing body movement or dance. performance performance, I feel the need to bring art and artistic experience to nature. To feel a connection to life, more real, more harmonious and less predatory, creative practice in nature, for now, is being a great balsam I would like to explore further.”


IG @joanadasarda


Massaviu is a group formed by the youths of Sant Esteve de Palautordera (Catalonia). They are Miki Lloret, Biel Colomer and Ferran Romero.

Since 2018, they have released two albums, two EPs and three singles. In 2020, they were chosen by iCat for the summer song. This 2021, they are performing concerts in the Espai Jove La Bàscula and the Teatre Pare Casals, and also creating their next album, which will be accompanied by musical and visual collaborations.


In addition, Massaviu support new talents and artists in the Catalan field such as Soucunbohemio, Pau Roget, Moli or the Catalan trapper Lluc Planas.


NÚria Inés (Tinta Fina) works from the graphic storytelling and the expanded comic as communication and knowledge-generating tools. In her projects, she approaches the vital and personal narratives of others, seeking opportunities to transcribe, in the narration of experience, critical readings of everyday contexts with which he connects directly. This way of working generates actions that mix graphic stories with encounters, rituals, experiences, time-sharing.


She makes artistic work compatible with teaching and graphic storytelling in various programs: educational mediation workshops at MACBA Museum “Copy, draw and distribute”, the educational program INTERSECTIONS and as a teacher of young people at the Visual Arts School in El Prat de Llobregat.

In 2019 she participated in the “bienal de arte joven de Buenos Aires” in Argentina due to a two-month stay in the Recoleta Art Center (open call from Hangar, Barcelona). In 2018 she received one of the art awards of the Sala d’Art Jove of Generalitat de Catalunya for the project “Canción para Consuelo”. With the same project, she was able to participate in a stay in Corniolo Art Platform, in Florence (Italy).

She is part of Julio’s Collective and she often participates in projects by other artists or groups contributing as a graphic rapporteur. It is the case of the project “Mèdiums” of Du-DA collective, “Els enemics del poble i l’infern” of Lluc Mayol or “Implosió impugnada 26” by Rafael Tormo, among others.


In august.

with Clive Tanner and Juan Urbina

In august.