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Graduated in Fine Arts (2009-2013, University of Barcelona), specializing in image and photography and a master’s degree in Comparative Literature and Cultural Criticism (2014-2015, University of Valencia).


Through my projects I propose an approach to nature and the landscape in a more conscious way, to approach this communion that we broke in favor of evolution.


I question what is established and propose to assimilate spatiality as the existential structure of the subject. From my own experience I offer the possibility of a return to the primordial, in which nature is inherent in human beings. Based on these concepts, I follow parallel lines of work, contemplating the idea of landscape/identity, nature/conservation and recovery. From this need to explain my conception of landscape and nature I articulate discourse through the use of different media, from painting to writing.





Lana Duval is a visual artist born in 1991 in Biarritz, south of France. She’s graduated from the Pyrenees Art School since 2015. She lives and work in Toulouse, France.


Lana works with stream images, mostly : landscapes, screen from famous movies, famous views from places you can find on the net.


She uses the aesthetic component of theses attractive images like vibrants colors and brightness to make her Images-Mirage. With her Image-Mirage she try to interact with our memories. Her intention is to develop foggy paintings that can seem familiar as if they came straight from people’s memories.


Landscape is a main subject in her paintings, the water, the earth, the textures are the main characters of her paintings, no human figure to let the viewer embrace the painting like an environment, his own environment for few minutes. She makes some installations in the space with her paintings, she often uses textiles or sculptural material. The space is an opportunity to build-up a fiction with different angles of view in order to deliver a potential story based on an emotional memory.




Echo ce n’est pas un corps mais de l’eau, au lac


Dakota Suárez (actress, playwright and singer born in Gran Canaria) and Cástor Iglesias (actor born in Madrid) are La Jabata Producciones, a young and emerging theater company that wants to set up the second show created by the company,  La Sensibilidad de los Patos.


This show wants to talk about the social maladjustment of sensitive people that exist in our world. The project was born from an international approach, since we want to reach all audiences using visual languages such as pantomime or object theater, without language becoming an impediment. We know that the show is based on a universal theme: the sensitivity of people and their true “self”, so connected with the cycles that we can find in nature. That is why we want to create a personal language with a precise poetics with which we can reach as many people as possible.





La Sensibilidad de los Patos


I’m excited to make songs, be amazed at the process, and sing them over and over again. I understand the voice as the most powerful and transformative instrument that exists, a communicative and emotional vehicle that can unite word and music. That is very wonderful.