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Actress, screenwriter, playwright and director who creates her own projects. SHe founded La Impura company alongside Candela Solé. Between 2020 and 2021 she premiered three plays of her own, in two of which she performs and in the other she directs. These works are: Nacer con culpa y sin nombre, Háblame de sexo and La Escalera de Jacob.


In 2022 she was selected for the VIII Master in Creative Writing of Audiovisual Script at EICTV (Cuba) and this 2023 to take the Master of Narrative at the School of Writers (Madrid).


Her first short film, Sestil (2021), was the winner of the La Rioja Film Commission contest, and has been selected at more than ten festivals between Spain and Italy.


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Graduated in Journalism, in Journalism Specialized in Culture and Society, from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and in the Master’s Degree in Literary Creation, taught by the Barcelona School of Management.


Recently,she has published two books: Eleanor Roosevelt. Impulsora de los derechos humanos (Vegueta Ediciones, 2022) and La defensora de la humanidad. Eleanor Roosevelt (Vegueta Ediciones, 2023). She has also collaborated on the book Les ciutats invisibles: art de la ciutadania en temps d’estat d’alarma i confinament obligatòria (2021). She has also received several literary recognitions of short story and poetry. 


Her practice is typical of writing confessional, sincere, spontaneous, self-critical poetry with elements of self-fiction, and an imperfect technique that sometimes leads to poetic prose. Disorientation, embodiment, uncertainty, insecurity, or goings and comings, obsessions, contradictions and irresolute polarities are the essential vehicle of this sometimes thoughtful and mocking poetry of sarcasm.


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Writer and accompanist of literary projects and creative processes. Author of Udzu (Males Herbes, 2017) and co-author, along with Muriel Villanueva (pseudonym Muriel Rogers), of the La Esfera trilogy (Planeta, 2016; Catalan translation Columna, 2016): Sin alas, Alas de Icaro and El vuelo del fénix. He has also written short stories, poems, and songs, such as the tale  La mà blanca (Branca #3: Ritu) and the collections Les esquerdes y Les altres dimensions


He is considered a writer of strange worlds. With his writing he sinks into the deepest parts of the imagination. His stories show the dark part of human experience, in an often distorted reality, of which he enjoys exploring the limits and other dimensions. His characters sit on the margins, lost in their particular mazes. He has had no choice but to frame himself in science fiction, fantasy and terror, to explore the genres and tense them, never to lock themselves in. He has cultivated the genres of the novel and the tale, for which he has predilection. He drinks Le Guin, Bradbury, Borges and Calvino in The Invisible Cities. Also of everything that comes from ancient Greece and from epics like Gilgamesh. His desire as a writer is that the reader who is about to read it never knows what he will face.



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