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Selected Artist

Karolina Adamczak is an emerging artist borned in Polish and growing up in Ireland. She currently lives and works in Valencia, Spain. 


In 2021 she graduated in Fine Arts from the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Dublin, Ireland). After graduation, she was selected to participate in several exhibitions in Ireland such as You Breathe Differently Down Here curated by Amanda Coogan at Draíocht, Origins curated by Paul McAree at Lismore Castle Arts, and RDS Visual Art Awards, curated by Vera Klute at RHA Gallery. In the latter, she received the RDS Members’ Art Fund Award.

During the year she lived in Barcelona, she practiced in Siberia as a photographer and videographer. Recently, she has completed her Master’s degree in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Here she has participated in several exhibitions such as PAM!23 and ShortPAM and has been selected to exhibit her work in PAM!PAM!24, which will take place in 2024.


Karolina Adamczak explores what it means to be human by inquiries into our feelings and emotions through video art and performance. His works stress the importance of allowing us to experience and express the whole spectrum of our emotions, which are generally not encouraged by modern society, which instructs us to always be positive, independent and strong rather than being vulnerable and sincere.


In his works he exposes structures and aspects of modern society that make us feel alienated. At the same time, the artist portrays the hidden and vulnerable parts of our lives. In this way it aims to make us feel more connected and to allow us to recognise the similarity of our experiences. It also criticises the human tendencies that lead us to neglect ourselves, the people around us and our environment.


Karolina’s work is based on the idea of love and arises from real experiences. The artist views his artistic practice as a form of activism and a way to question and denounce social problems and taboos. Karolina believes in art’s ability to influence society and heal it.

With the collaboration of the Guinardó Civic Center and Stripart Festival.