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(illa) means “island” in Catalan. The project is an artists’ residence for contemporary photography and/or video. It will be held at the Casa d’Artistes creation centre.


(illa) is aimed at visual artists from the western Mediterranean islands that are not part of Spain (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, the Tuscan archipelago, Phlegraean Islands, etc.). Its aim is to create works centred around the concept of insularity and the relationship between vulnerability and resilience, using their own experiences as either island natives or residents, as well as those obtained from Menorca, the host territory of the (illa) project. The expected results are:


    1. To produce new artworks offering new insights on the proposed themes.
    2. To generate collective thought among the residents of the island and offer insights into the creative process, through events that are open to the public
    3. To create a joint exhibition at the end of the residence.


The project is funded by the Creative Europe programme.




    • Accommodation at Casa d’Artistes. 
    • Workspaces at Casa d’Artistes. 
    • Mobility grant: amount to be forwarded by the host to the participating artists.

      • Travel allowance: you should check the rules of the call.
      • Daily allowance: each artist will receive €1500.
      • Top-ups: you should check the rules of the call.




    • Application period: 1 September – 7 october 2023. (New deadline!)
    • Final selection and contacting of chosen artists: 8 October 2023.
    • Signing of the agreement: 9 October 2023.


To apply for the (illa) residence, you must submit the following information in English, with the exception of official documents, which will be accepted in their original language. The form has to contain the following information:

    • Personal data (first name, last name, contact phone number, email, etc.).
    • Travel plan (where you will start your journey from, and the mode/s of transport you plan to use).
    • Whether or not you could travel using a mode of transport other than a plane.
    • Knowledge of languages.


In the same form, you have to upload the following documents (all in PDF form, one for each section):

    1. Proof of legal residence in one of the Creative Europe countries (e.g. government-issued ID card or passport, document confirming refugee status, housing contract, utility bills, etc.). Please note: the documents must include your full name and address.
    2. Proof that you were born on one of the western Mediterranean islands in Europe or that you are legally resident in one (documentation as above)
    3. Eligibility documents for top-ups, if applicable:
      • Disability support: official document confirming degree of disability
      • Family top-up: family book, birth certificate, document from a legal guardian, copy of child’s passport etc.
    4. Short CV. Please note: a CV (curriculum vitae) is a short description of your education, qualifications and previous job experience.
    5. Artistic portfolio. Please note: the portfolio should include samples of current work or links to other relevant work. If you plan to create a video project, you must include links to some previous videos.
    6. An outline of the project that includes:
      • A short letter of motivation expressing interest in the (illa) residence (800-1400 characters).
      • A proposal for a project to be worked on during your time at (illa) (2000-5000 characters). Please note: if you are selected, it will be possible to change aspects of your initial proposal before the start of the residence.

If you have any questions about the programme, you can email Marina, one of the leaders of the (illa) project and Casa d’Artistes at the following address: casadartistes@gmail.com